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Clinical Principles of Transfusion Medicine (ebook)


Autor : Maitta, Robert W

Materia : E-books

Editorial : ELSEVIER

Año : 2018

Idioma : Inglés

ISBN : 9780323544597

Paginas : 350

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Offering a concise overview of transfusion medicine, including best practices for specific clinical settings, this practical resource by Dr. Robert W. Maitta covers the key information you need to know. Holistic, multidisciplinary coverage and a succinct, easy-to-read format make it essential reading for transfusion specialists, as well as practitioners in other specialties whose patients undergo blood transfusions.

    • Covers the latest advancements in transfusion therapies, hematopoietic stem cells, infectious and non-infectious complications of transfusions, and future directions in transfusion medicine.

    • Discusses special populations, including organ transplant patients; pediatric, obstetric, and geriatric patients; and patients undergoing emergency care.

    • Consolidates fundamental clinical concepts and current practice of transfusion medicine into one convenient resource.