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Chapman & Nakielny's Guide to Radiological Procedures E-Book (ebook)


Autor : Watson, Nick

Materia : E-books

Editorial : ELSEVIER

Año : 2017

Edición : 7

Idioma : Inglés

ISBN : 9780702071881

Paginas : 444

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This book gives a synoptic description of the practical details of how to carry out the common procedures in imaging on which a trainee in radiology and related professionals will be expected to be familiar. It does not attempt to cover rarer techniques beyond the scope of the FRCR exam or to show the resulting images. Every technique is clearly described under a set of standard headings (e.g. methods, indications, equipment, patient preparation, technique, aftercare, complications, further reading).

    • The text adopts a synoptic style which makes for easy preparation for the FRCR and similar examinations

    • The selectivity of the techniques covered will focus a candidate?s attention on what questions to expect.

  • The use of standard headings makes the contents highly accessible for a reader.
    • The new edition has been comprehensively updated throughout and will reflect the very latest equipment and practice developments.

    • It will reference the key recent national and international guidelines (Royal College, Dept. Of Health, WHO)

    • A new chapter on the ?Radiographer Role and Responsibilities in Interventional Radiology? will reflect the evolving role of the advanced practitioner radiographer (working in collaboration with the radiologist). This will add utility/appeal to the radiographer market and aid understanding and be a more accurate reflection of the modern imaging service for radiologists

  • There is a new chapter on ablative therapies.